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Central Virginia’s drone service specialists. From preparation to content delivery, we perform all work to perfection and our superior quality workmanship is guaranteed. Family owned and operated.

We specialize in handling residential and commercial projects. Our years of experience enables us to provide you with options and solutions to any aerial filming need. We can act as both an aerial film consultant or as the remote pilot in charge on your next projects.

When Richmond Drone Services films your project, we’ll stand behind our work making sure it makes your work stand out from competitors.



Get pictures of your project from a unique point of view.


Nothing will impress your client like a progress video of their project!


Want to get your house sold? Aerial photos show off your property and will bring in the buyers!


Aerial images are a general contractor’s best friend. Show off your past projects or give your client an update on their project.

Richmond Drone Services covers your industry!

Retaining Wall and Walkway

Complete landscaping adjustments were needed at a Men’s Treatment Center. Our client shifted a lot of dirt and built a retaining wall with a new sidewalk that allows church members to easily access all part of the grounds now.


New Housing Complex

A massive development is taking shape in King William County. Our client installed the new roof of this housing complex that will serve this community for 30+ years! The craftsmanship in things most of us take for granted like a roof is amazing.

Latest Building Projects

Is your customer asking for materials that show the progress of their project? Never hesitate to give them stunning images or video that will establish complete confidence in your ability to meet deadlines. Having that trust can make or break future business with your client.

Crop Management

Every farmer knows how expensive it is to rent a helicopter to monitor their crops season after season.  Use a much less expensive alternative to gather valuable video and photos of your crop this season. While you can’t ride along to get a 500 feet view of your fields. Your ability to review your crops from the same point of view with a fraction of the costs.

Our Process

1. The Mission

Our FAA certified Remote Pilot will speak to you about how to capture your project. Using a satellite image of the area, our pilot will work with you on desired angles and locations to film.

This pre-planning process enables our team to provide the correct content for your needs.


2. Flight Planning

The day before the scheduled flight, our pilot will consult any air traffic control that would have control over the airspace of your project. If we are not given permission to fly, the pilot will contact you to take steps to try another day.

Weather is the main obstacle that remote pilots encounter when flying their drone. If we have unfavorable weather conditions, our pilot will work with you to reschedule the filming date.


We deliver on any need to capture your project with a goal of total satisfaction

3. Flight Day

We encourage you to be on-site for the day we are filming. Being on-location will put things into perspective that you wouldn’t otherwise notice when looking at a satellite photo of the property. Any changes to the flight plan are allowed as long as it doesn’t change the approved area of flying.

Want us to take some extra photos or video of the side of your building? No problem, we can do that!


4. Post Flight Editing

Having the ability to edit the media that was captured allows us to provide you a polished product if it is required. The most common post flight service is the editing of your video to make a project highlight reel. This is wonderful for showing off your latest project to future clients.


Recent Projects

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Ben Norman
Richmond Drone Services was prompt and pictures were taken, they look good.  With a quick turn around, we could show our client this unique perspective of our job site! Norman Company Inc. will use RDS in the future!
Pamela Martin
RDS provides all of our video and photo needs for Martin Roofing Company.  I would highly recommend RDS to anyone looking to show off your work!
Dale Layne
We used Richmond Drone Services to build our new website https://captsnag.com/ for our Charter fishing service out of Hatteras, NC!  With an amazing turn around time and great personalization, it was a blast to work with Shaun to build our online presence. Can't wait to see the number of clients that find us now online to book their fishing trip!

Our Clients

Our clients are from all different types of industries such as Construction, Roofing, Real Estate & more!

Let us help you show off your work!